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yeeuh [17 Apr 2004|06:18pm]
This is ERika makeout_arcade
I'm updating for Lindsay
Here's a picture of her and her bitch Andrew at sadie's
hahahahh jk Lindsay I love you but not Andrew

now that is some hot shit right thurr
1 nigga

[28 Mar 2004|10:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

so its 10:22 on a sunday morning! its horrible, i couldnt sleep at all last nite and when i dont get sleep i get mad,lol honestly tho. i love to sleep,oh gosh its sunday that means i have school tomorrow. how horrible, i sleep in most of my classes, its really pointless to go, the only time i like at school is when i get to be with all the homies!!! well i guess i'm gonna try and go back to sleep,peace.


i guess its ture when they say if you want something bad enough you just gotta wait and it'll come. [27 Mar 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so last nite Andrew called me and..... he got the job!! i'm sooooo happy for him i know it really means a lot to him. i could just hear how happy he was in his voice, and that made me really really happy. i had never heard him so happy ever, it was cute, i wanted to spend the weekend with him but he went to vegas:( oh well at least i can still talk to him.so tomorrow it'll be 2 weeks that we've been together. i wonder if he even knows. i was gonna ask him but i dont know, i just didnt. but yea he got the job and now i dont think he could be any happier,
you know this school year has turned out to be well a not so bad school year. i've gotten to meet and know some amazing people, people that i would of never thought i would talk to. i guess really the only people i'm talking about is brenda and jerod, there just so amazing. they can make someone so sad feel so happy, well at least thats how they both make me feel. there the two that i know i can always count on for a laugh, its great, there great.
i had a long talk with kyle during pe yesterday, i really miss that guy. we hardly ever talk anymore. it sucks, and really the only time he will talk to me is when his girlfriend isnt around, i guess i was wrong in thnking that no matter what we would still remain close friends, now i feel lucky if he says hi, but he's seemed really down lately, just really sad. and i just wanted to make sure he was ok so i called him and we seroiusaly talked for like a min it was just like '' oh no i'm fine,thanks talk to you later''. but i guess thats just how it goes now. when we talked in pe tho it was like dude why exactlly cant we still just be friends and hang out once in a while, but i guess for some one girl and change a person at the snap of her fingers, inside and out! but i guess because he's the one that hurt me he doesnt really care about how i feel,so maybe i just need to realize that friendships cant last forever.


confused [25 Feb 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

well a friend that i havent talked to in awhile, all of a sudden started calling and wanting to hang out again.and it's just so confusing. cuz i mean i really liked this guy and i just kinda moved on when he stopped calling and i started having feelings for someone else.but i really like the old one and i just dont know what to do, its so frusterating. it's driving me crazy i dont know what to do:( i guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens.(lol i know typical drama! sorry. lol)

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mest [07 Feb 2004|05:42pm]
ok so thursday nite i went ot the glasshouse to see mest. as soon as i get there who do i talk to tony!! let me just tell you those guys are soooooo amazing. ok so anyways i go out side ot put my jacket in vanessa car and on the way in she kicks something so i picked it up and guess what it was....... a backstage pass!! so i put it on and walked right back there with the guys and hung out the whole time. it was so much fun.:) there all very hot too
2 nigga

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